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    Whoa there. Someone has some serious issues making demands in other people’s askbox and then going and calling them rude names. I don’t even want to entertain you and look now. Should’ve asked nicer. 

  3. Anonymous said: d-d-deemeetree is sooch a d-d-d-eeck L-l-l-l-l-l-isa

    um okay? I’m assuming you’re calling D’Mitri a dick here. And I haven’t seen any behavior that would warrant such name calling. 

  4. Anonymous said: Cim i woudlet hav done this

    You’re right, Cimi wouldn’t have sent me terribly misspelled asks. 

  5. Anonymous said: LORSER

    Right, I’m the loser here. 


    What are you even talking about….when did i even say i was trying to?

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"Is it a bird? Is it a Plane? No! It’s Betty Page!" - Jest magazine, July 1957


    "Is it a bird? Is it a Plane? No! It’s Betty Page!" - Jest magazine, July 1957

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  9. Anonymous said: Is your twat as fluffy as your lips?





    That’s none of your business. >:[

    Lisa…….. I think you should answer this…… just a thought.

    No Dae. That’s no one’s business but my own and D’Mitri’s.

    It’s fluffy, okay? So everyone can now know what they are missing. It’s big and juicy, and the best. Stop being a dick, Dae.


  10. Anonymous said: Let's stop for a second to rationalize things. You left cimi, a perfectly nice boy who would have done nothing but respected you, for a man whore who slept with loser girls and didn't even like them. All the girls he was with were pathetic and you just put yourself on that list by being with him. Why would you leave Cimi for that? He's just going to end up leaving you in the end and you will regret all your decisions because you will realize you should've stuck with Cimi, the one who loves you.



    Hey, did you know that people are allowed to do what they want in their sex lives, so long as its between consenting parties, and no matter how much ignorant pricks judge them it has no meaning because its none of your business?

    And people’s feelings change as they grow. We’re in high school and we grow and become different everyday. Things changed and I didn’t feel it was fair to stay with Cimi with the changes I went through. I didn’t enjoy breaking his heart, that was the last thing I wanted, but sometimes that is just unavoidable.

    As for the rest of your ignorant ask, kindly go fuck yourself.

    Not that it’s really anyone’s business about this subject, but I’m not going to lie and say I don’t feel bad about the whole thing. I can admit I was a real dick for what happened and what I did. I pushed her to make the first move with Cimi. I should have told myself not to. What ghoul, especially one like her, has to make the first move? Guys should have been lined up just to get a chance to speak to her. Cimi didn’t really notice her other than being Ein’s younger sister.

    I just wanted her to be happy. She seemed happy when she spoke about him. How was I to know that him basically ignoring her was going to make her feel sad or hurt? There’s a lot others don’t know about and frankly, they shouldn’t know about. It’s no one’s business but ours; but I’m being honest here. Cimi should have known in the end he did mess up by not being around more. By not answering her back right away or within the same day. Lisa spent days and sometimes weeks just waiting for him to answer. It worried her and broke her heart to think he would never notice her or care to.

    Granted, at first I hung out with Lisa to get into her lacy panties. She was such a prude back then. She wouldn’t even let me sit close to her because she knew what a dog I was. So I had no other choice but to accept whatever little time she was willing to waste on me. I got to know her. I got to spend real time with her and realized she wasn’t just some girl you bang and dash with. There was so much more to her than I realized.

    Lisa can give so much love and not want anything in return. She just wants others around her to be happy, even at the cost of being miserable herself. She’s going through a lot at the moment for other reasons. I’d appreciate it if you could back off of her. Whatever negative thoughts you have towards her, you can send to my inbox. She’s not to blame in any of this.

    I know what I did was wrong. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t think or wonder what if I did wrong by her and took her away from someone who COULD have possibly made her happy the rest of her life? However, I don’t regret doing it. A lot of things have happened since the time and Lisa has done nothing but be there for me and vice versa. Only reason I changed is because she helped me changed. She changed with me.

    According to tomblr.. Cimi is still the same and stuck in a rut. It’s been almost two years. I’m sorry for what happened, but he has to get over it. Unlike him, I’d fight as much as I’m allowed to (certain circumstances prevent me to do so) protect and keep Lisa happy. Even if this means getting whatever hate and bashing you or anyone thinks she deserves. Because it was never her fault. She’s just like anyone else that wants to be happy and loved.

    And I’m not afraid to admit that. I honestly do love Lisa with all my heart. It took awhile to get there and admit it to myself but I do. And I’m not letting go of what I have with her. So once again, don’t bother her with this crap. If you want to point a finger at someone to blame, it should be me. Otherwise, just piss off.

    Thank you D’Mitri. I don’t think its right to say anyone is to blame though. This wasn’t a matter of someone deliberately and maliciously hurting someone else, we’re not talking about someone breaking someone else’s possessions. These are our lives and they can be messy, that’s what happens when you have emotions. No one is really to blame though. What happened has happened.

    Its been ages now, and for anon to still be hung up on gossiping and stirring the pot about it is just pathetic. Please, find something more productive to do with your time. I know I do.

    I’m happy and I know that I am loved by someone amazing whom I love.

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